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Toronto writing services for brands, entrepreneurs, and organizations that understand the value of great content.


Both for their users, and their future.

Writing Services in Toronto

Scott McGinn is a professional content writer, offering a wide range of writing services in Toronto and across North America.


Content that works is changing faster than ever. Along with many historically necessary services, writing is a complex and universal form of consuming knowledge, documenting history, and educating consumers.  


Storytelling is one thing, but professional writing for businesses or publications should make an impact.


Creating quality content requires deep-diving into the topic, knowing the readers will get something out of it, and how it complements the broader business goals.


Perspective and tone can be everything when speaking as a business. Working with a writer who has spent years creating B2B, B2C, journalistic, blog, and SEO content offers your business a competitive advantage.


Content really works, if you partner with the right writer. 

Who is Scott McGinn?

Scott has spent years deep-diving into multiple niches, producing quality written articles for his clients and published works. 


He withholds a small number of niches in which he continues to learn and develop new content, including but not limited to

Energy, Tech, Health, and Financial Literacy

Why Choose Scott as your Writer?

As an SEO specialist who knows search engines like the back of his hand, his content is produced for readers, with search engines top of mind. 


Scott has spent many years writing in several formats, including blog writing, subject matter articles, advertising copy, and corporate materials in the B2B space. Accumulating over 180,000 pageviews and growing.


Scott offers specialized proposals for every writing project, for the following writing services:

SEO Blog Writing

sponsored content

Corp. materials


Press releases

Website SEO





Have Questions?

Visit the FAQ page or get in touch through the contact form

Where to Start?

Step 1: Discovery
An initial discussion with Scott to cover the content brief, word length, style, tone, audiences, and timelines.
Step 2: Proposals and Agreements
Scott will prepare a custom proposal and contract agreements that clearly define the deliverables, applicable costs, terms, and estimated delivery.
Step 3: Writing
Time to get to tapping.
Step 4: Revisions
Each piece of writing is sent to the contact for review and edit requests. Each agreement with Scott includes two revisions per piece.
Step 5: Publishing
Typically the contact manages the publication and distribution of written content. In other circumstances, Scott welcomes the opportunity to support SEO formatting when publishing.